How To Choose The Perfect Necklace For Your Girlfriend

Jewelry in general is an accessory every girl will love. A necklace is great present to give your special someone since it comes in many different styles and sizes, and it’s versatile. Necklaces does not only provide accessory, it adds personality and expresses one’s style. But in our case, we want to pick the perfect diamond necklace for you girlfriend. Here are some tips to choose necklaces:


Hypoallergenic chain? Nickel free chain? Sterling silver? Gold? These are only a few types of chains available for necklaces. This part is not that hard if you know how to use your resources. Research, meaning ask her friends, and observe what kind of jewelry she wears, etc… You don’t want to give her a gold gemstone necklace if she loves to wear silver.

The proportion of your girlfriend’s body parts would determine the type of necklace that would look good on her. First take the time to evaluate the shape at her face. The four types of faces are oval, round, heart shaped and rectangular faces. Once you have determined the shape, ask for the salesperson’s help which length or strand is perfect on her. Normally they have a chart determining which one if right for the shape.


It is important that you check or analyze the size of her neck. Longer necks would look better with certain lengths, while shorter necks would be lovelier with other lengths.


Different lengths are used for different purposes. Whether it’s to show off her dress’s neckline or accentuate your long neck, it really depends on the necklace’s length. Collar or short necklaces, measure about 12 to 13 inches long which is wrap close around the neck. This length is best for elegant occasions for parties and formal dinners. Choker necklaces hang just below the neck and measure 14 to 16 inches long. This is most classic and versatile length. The most popular necklace length is the Princess necklaces. It measure 17 to 19 inches long and is usually worn with a pendant. But if she would like a necklace to be used with her casual and business outfits, the Matinee necklaces are a perfect pair. It measures 20 to 24 inches long, Opera necklaces are highly recommended for those higher necklines. They can be used as 2 choker necklaces and it measures 28 to 34 inches long. Lastly, the rope necklaces measure over 45 inches long and can be worn double or triple strand around the neck for shorter lengths.

I would suggest a simple White Gold Diamond and Saphire Necklace is a good present choice. The lengths are not too short to choke or hurt her neck and not to long to that the strand will be caught to something and hurt her. But if you would like to give her a necklace with a pendant, the Princess style if your best shot.


After picking the length, the next step would be to choose the metal. For those girlfriends who favor gold jewelry, keep in mind that 24k and 22k gold are not suitable for everyday use as they are rather soft. For gold necklaces that would be worn daily, it must be mixed with other metals like copper, silver, nickel and zinc. This will ensure the durability of the necklace. A 14K necklace is recommended for everyday use. For sterling silver, make sure there’s a mark of “Sterling”, “Ster”, or “925” indicating its purity. After finalizing the metal, choose the design that would best fit the style and pick a clasp that would fit the design.

Enjoy necklace shopping! Happy clicking and always remember that always has quality diamonds necklaces at the best price points on the web


How To Buy Diamonds Online

The internet is the most amazing technology we have today. Buying things online makes it easier for everyone who doesn’t enjoy the big crowds at the mall; especially during the Holidays. With just the click of a button, you can get your purchases delivered right to your doorstep. All you need is a credit card or debit card. Due to the ease and convenience of buying, many opt to buy items even diamonds online. Shopping online for certified diamonds has never been easier.

However shopping for diamonds online gave many people doubts as to how one should go about and whether it is safe or not (especially first-time shoppers). Here are some tips on buying diamonds online:

Diamonds sold online are much cheaper than buying it at a store. One reason for this is due to lower operation costs and overhead. Another reason is there are a number of competitors or sellers online so they need to keep their prices to be competitive enough to sell their diamonds. And in this way, you will be able to compare prices, quality, and size. Also, everything is tax free. You do not need to pay the high taxes you would need to pay due to the custom rates when people would import diamonds. But the best of all you can do your diamond shopping from the comfort of your own home. Buying online can indeed save you a lot of money and time, but be sure that you still get quality with the price.

The advantage of buying diamonds with a credit card is the security you receive in case you come across a fraudulent seller. In the event that you do get the wrong item and it is not replaced, you can request for the amount to be charged back to your account by calling your credit card company and explain the situation. An appraised fake diamond would stand a good chance of being charged back to your account by the credit card company.

This is very important. Make sure that the seller has a return policy. In the event that you received the wrong item, the return procedure should be clear, precise, and no fuss on how you would go about mailing the diamond in order for you to get your money’s worth.

Most experienced (or first-time) online buyers write comments on the sellers’ feedback page. Check their websites’ feedback from people who have ordered or have done business from them. These feedbacks will give you an idea on how their past transactions have gone and how pleased or not pleased the customers were with either their service, or product quality. It would also be good if you could get referrals from friends who have shopped for diamonds online in the past.

This is very exciting! You are now getting ready to purchase your diamond and ready to make your payment. Before providing your credit card information make sure to check everything about the seller’s buying procedure. Find out all the details such courier information, delivery charge, number of days for delivery, or any extra charges, etc…

So now you can start shopping! Happy clicking and always remember that always has quality diamonds at the best price points on the web.

Simple Tips For Cleaning Your Diamond Jewelry At Home

Any one who who enjoys buying jewelry understands the importance of keeping them clean, especially diamond rings.

Before you start cleaning, be careful to see that there are no loose settings or clasps.

Make sure that there are no wobbly or loose stones, lest you lose your precious thing. To check for these loose settings, you can try dabbing a bit of superglue ever so slightly or try squeezing the stone lightly with a tiny pair of pliers.

In the event that the stone does come off, store them in a safe place, and take them in to your local jeweler to get it repaired.
Once you are done checking for loose stones, use a non abrasive jewelry cleanser (Translation: something that will not scratch the stone). You can get these cleansers at supermarkets or jewelers. But water mixed with a mild liquid detergent (eg. Dishwashing liquid) would suffice.

Get a clean piece of cloth and dip it into the solution. Gently wipe your bauble and polish. Use a clean portion of the cloth to rinse the piece of diamond jewelry with clean water. Dab it dry with a dry portion of the cloth and buff it for a sparkling finish. !

Buy Your Loved Ones Their Birthstones For Their Birthdays

Running out of gift ideas for loved ones- buy them gemstone rings, with their corresponding birthstones. For ages giving birthstones for  birthdays has been considered auspicious for both parties.

Those born during the months of January often purchase the gem Garnet or Rose Quartz. This gem is bathed in a deep red color. Those born during these months would greatly appreciate the beauty of this gem.

Those born during the months of February would buy bracelets with Amethyst or Onyx. This gem is clothed in the color purple. Rings with amethyst stones are also good suggestions for gifts.

Those born during the months of March prefer gemstone rings with Aquamarine or Bloodstone. This gem is in the color pale blue. Rings with this stone would look lovely on a dainty setting.

Those who were born during April usually buy diamonds or quartz which is white in nature. Diamonds are always great gifts so recipients of this would be extremely happy.

Those who were born during the month of May prefer emeralds which is bathed in a lovely green.

Those who were born during the month of June like pearl jewelry or moonstones. Pearls are white in color while moonstones are purple.

Those who were born during the months of July buy rubies which are blood red in color. Necklaces with ruby pendants are good bets for birthday celebrants of this month.

For those born during August, they buy peridot or sardonyx which is a pale green.

Those born in September get deep blue sapphires. Sapphires look lovely as pendants on necklaces or set in earrings

Opals which are multi colored are gems which are preferred by those born during October.

Yellow topaz would be greatly appreciated by those born during November.

Lastly Blue topaz earrings are the best bet for people born during December. These would make a wonderful gift along with a gemstone ring and a gemstone bracelet to match also.

These gems make lovely gifts as the recipients will be able to appreciate their value especially if they were given by the special people in their lives.

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